Every step you take.

This is my current physique. A short while ago, this would have been a depressing picture to me because it demonstrates how hard this journey is and that there is still a long way to go before goals that have been set are achieved. Now however, this picture makes me proud. Now it demonstrates to me how hard this journey is and how far I have come. There has been immense progress made since the beginning of this journey and there will continue to be so. The best part is that the progress hasn’t just been physical but mental one too. Learning to love each stage and being proud of the progress made, regardless of how great or small is a vital key to success. If the process has been filled with negativity then chances are that when set physical goals are reached, that sense of pride and achievment will be replaced with depression and disappointment. Granted, it is a tough ability to master but the pride and confidence that is gained upon the  mastering of such skill is priceless.


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