Taking training to the next level.

Will you just let go of summer” my sister has said this to me on a number of occasions and today she got her wish. With the day booked off of work, my wonderful, amazing boyfriend took me to my favourite coffee spot for a coffee date where we proceeded to order a pumpkin spiced latte. Our coffee order had put an official end to summer. In our minds there was still plenty of summer time left after all, our holiday wasn’t booked until it was over; another realisation. A mere two weeks left on the holiday countdown! Boy, has that come around fast!

The coffee order that ended summer 🍁🍂


Though beyond excited for the holiday, I find myself kind of wishing that it was a couple more weeks away. The Summer Preppin has not quite gone to plan. Just looking in the mirror it is clear to see that I have not achieved the goals intended. There is only myself to blame. I could sit here and make a million excuses but at the end of the day, it’s on me.

Throughout the past few months, the focus has remained on weight training with the addition of more HIIT, stairmaster cardio and even a few plyos sessions (Tarzan was to thank for plyo’s – I wanted the power to launch myself through the jungle like Tarzan).
The levels of effort and intensity when in the gym have still been at a good standard; the substantive part of that sentence being ‘when in the gym’. Recently, I have let life take over a little bit and that has resulted in an accidental reduction of workout sessions.
Fortunately, I recognised the error of my ways before it go too late. My routine changed recently so it was just a matter or re-organising my day to create time for the gym again.
Even with these changes, I felt like I needed more. I decided it was time to bring in the big guns.

The Big Guns AKA Chris Gee 

As of 6am tomorrow morning Chris Gee of Urban Instinct Personal Training is gonna be my personal  trainer. Oh lord, what have I let myself in for?!

But he’s your boyfriend. Yes, he is my boyfriend and in all honesty, he is one of the best personal trainers I have ever come across. He is dedicated to his clients and does everything in his power to help them achieve results (he even gave a couple of free sessions out to one client when they hit financial hardship. They had been consistent & dedicated and loyalty goes a long way). Keeping up to date with all the latest research, technology and training methods, he keeps his programs current and effective.
This is Chris’ profession; he has been in the business for almost 10 years. He has worked in London, Cheshire and Canada. He has played many sports at a high level, won at many, many competitions and is currently a semi professional Ice Hockey player . The man eats, sleeps and breathes the industry. I have absolutely no doubt that with his help I will achieve my goals.

Train Together, Stay Together

I used to feel like getting a trainer was admitting that I didn’t know what I was doing. How stupid is that mentality. No matter who you are in this world, there is something you can learn from every single person you meet in this lifetime. Coming to understand this has improved my life in tenfold buts as the saying goes, you can’t make someone do your push ups for you; but you can maximise your results by using the knowledge of others.

Chris’ knowledge alone will not sky rocket me to my goals. That is all dependent on the effort put in from me. This is where the additional benefits of a trainer come to light.

Much like have a gym buddy, having a trainer instils a higher level of commitment. It becomes more of a challenge to skip a session through not wanting to let the person down, taken a step further with a trainer it skipping sessions essentially means throwing money away (usually cancelled sessions incur a charge).

If this is all you need then simply getting a gym buddy maybe all you need to help you achieve your goals. Be aware, choose your gym buddy wisely! Further details here. You have been warned.

The key reason that I have decided to get a trainer is perfectly demonstrated by the one and only Kevin Hart. Now don’t get me wrong, I have zero desire to start dancing around gyms (dancers with two left feet have better rhythm than me) but I have been known to take unnecessarily long rest periods or browse twitter for a rather extended period of time. I have also slacked on weights, skipped sets and completely gone off of my workout program at times simply because I wasn’t feeling it. Having seen Chris train others, I know there is no way he is going to be letting me get away with any of that m’larky under his supervision nor would I want to. Chris will push me in times where I am struggling to push myself. We are all guilty of this and if you say you’re not, then you’re lying!

Bring on tomorrow morning – first session will be focusing on back.

Wish me luck and I will let you know how it goes.


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