Idolising Instamodels | Skinny girl in the gym.

Sometimes people around you don’t understand your journey. They don’t need to. It’s for you, not them.

It is probably a fairly safe assumption to say that at some time or other, just like myself, you have sat looking at pictures of  instamodels and assessed them from every angle: How are they in that position without any fat rolls? How did she get such a tiny waist? How is she so curvy with no cellulite? On and on we could go.

Despite what you may have been lead to believe there is no shame in this. The negative association with such ‘Fitspiration’ is a result of the way fitness is marketed to the public. Much of this negativity stems from campaigns such as ‘say no to size zero’. Which unfortunately, seems to be having the opposite than desired effect.

Image from the ‘say no to size zero’ campaign. 

The majority of the health and fitness initiatives only highlight one angle of fitness; weight loss and that has resulted in a very narrow minded view.  The curvier women are idolized while those with a more more athletic figure are demonized. It has made it ok for people to skinny shame. Just because a woman is a smaller dress size doesn’t mean she is unhealthy or has an eating disorder.

Contrary to popular belief, it is OK to wish to change the way you look. In this respect, society has failed. A misplaced emphasis has resulted in girls now feeling more guilt than ever for not liking the way they look. As the old saying goes, we are never happy with what we have got, so instead of hurling a load of demoralizing, demotivating abuse and mocking goals by slamming them as unrealistic and unattainable how about we shift the emphasis and support each and every fitness goal, encourage girls that it is ok to want sculpt the way they look but placing a focus on doing it in an appropriate and healthy manner.

As I said though, society has failed in this respect and is extremely selective in the goals which receive its support.

If you want to know if society supports your goal, put it out there and you will soon find out what the public opinion is.

My entire life I have been very petite and because of this the people around me have failed to help me become happy and healthy with regards to my body image. I wasn’t allowed to have body complaints nor was I allowed to go to the gym because I am “already skinny enough” (despite no one ever asking why I am going to the gym). The funny thing is though, people were allowed to turn around and tell me that I was too skinny or that I looked ill or even to go and eat a burger or two because I look like I could do with it!

At one stage, I gained a bit of weight, nothing to drastic but I didn’t carry it too well. God forbid I ever used the word ‘fat’ in any way shape or form when referring to myself. People would laugh at me. people that I was close too, that I confided in would laugh at me. How can you be fat? Your only a size 8. Come to me when you can’t fasten a size 18 then you’ll be fat. How rude is that?

Not quite the heffalump but the fattest version of myself to date. 
Society now dictates when somebody is classed as fat. Worse still this classification is based on what dress size you are. No consideration is paid to body fat percentages.

Taking those situations, how was I ever supposed to become happy and healthy with the way I looked. Society wouldn’t let me change myself but felt it ok to dictate to me what they thought needed to change?

The most ironic part though, the gym has actually been the most accepting place. The level of understanding for health and fitness is a cut above the simplistic, narrow approach of society’s.

I know I am not alone in this. Whenever somebody wants to do something with their body, society acts like it is their god given right to weigh in on the matter. But guess what; it’s not their right.

It’s your body; your choice. So forget society and it’s ignorant opinions.

Go create yourself in any way you see fit and take your inspirations from wherever you please.

To the people that never asked and to those who are curious, my personal goal is to change my body shape by increasing my muscle mass and reducing my body fat percentage.

It can be extremely hard work going to the gym and chasing goals that nobody else believes in. When motivation is low you need someone to turn to, somewhere that has your back and will encourage you to keep going in times where it can seem a little tougher. Fitness is a tough journey, without support and encouragement it is 10 times harder. Don’t go the road alone when you don’t have to. Contour Allure stands with you as you stick your v’s up to society and create the best possible version of you!


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