Turning 25 | The Best Way To Celebrate 

 The lead up to my 25th birthday all I envisioned was a Bridget Jones worthy pity party – I had even booked the day off of work to spare my colleagues from my overly dramatic woes of turning 25.

Thankfully, as the day itself got closer and closer I found myself re-evaluating and ultimately altering my perception of 25 and prevented the much anticipated meltdown.

The problem initially was that I expected so much from myself by the time I was this age. Many would argue that my goals were wholly unrealistic but that’s not the point. 

A swift change of focus, to that which I had achieved and was proud of, was all it took to disperse the grey cloud which was so prominently hovering over the looming birthday.

Obviously, the new focus and attitude was having quite the positive, desired effect so I ran with it. 

On my birthday eve I decided that I would in fact celebrate and embrace the number 25. After all, it is a fairly dominant number this year; 25 on the 25th.

By way of celebration, the day was to be spent carrying out 25 Random Acts of Kindness – what better way to kill a self loathing attitude than to go out and make people smile. They didn’t have to be particularly extravagant acts but nice ones nonetheless. 

As it happened, the day flew by and as it drew to a close only 16 acts had been completed. The task itself was actually rather tough but very enjoyable and wanting to really embrace the spirit of  25, I made the executive decision to remove the deadline and continue with the celebration, after all I was only sitting 9 short. 

Just two days later number 25 was completed! Whilst happy, it was also kind of a sad occasion. I had really been enjoying this celebration and didn’t want it to end. Why should it have to end? Each birthday is like a New Year’s Eve for myself where resolutions are made for the upcoming year and this year I will most definitely be continue carrying out random acts of kindness (along with getting good at maths, because I suck at maths!) 

For now though, here are the initial 25 completed for my 25th birthday:

1) Took my sister and niece out for breakfast;

Isn’t she beautiful ❤️

2) Gave some money to a busker that actually made me stop and say ‘wow he has a good voice’;

3) Bought my brother in law a coffee on his lunch break;

4) tipped the staff at the coffee shop;

5) made an appointment to give blood (they are so busy so it’s a little way off but yay for all you beautiful people giving blood!);

6) Held the door open for others;

7) took a friend out for lunch (you can be kind to people you know, the idea isn’t limited to strangers);

8) paid for the car behind on the toll road;

9) Donated some tinned goods and toiletries to the local food bank;

10) Switched my search engine to Ecosia to help plant some trees;

The homepage of Ecosia.org
11) let people across the road (little things like this can really perk up someone’s day without them even realising);

12) called up someone I haven’t spoke to in a while just to check in;

13) payed a stranger a compliment;

14) picked up some litter along my dog walk;

15) played the game on FreeRice.com – a United Nations food & education program. For every question answered correctly, rice is donated to feed the hungry.

16) took a friend out for lunch (you can be kind to people you know, the idea isn’t limited to strangers);

17) Donated some dog food;

18) Book drop – those who know me know I am an avid reader. I get the majority of my reads from the library but I still had a few of my own so I donated them to a local book drop;

19) wrote 2 cards to the More Love Letters initiative – such a lovely idea. I even went out to buy some cute little note cards for the occasion; 

20) signed a petition -animal cruelty is something I want to help banish and each signature counts. It also means a lot to the people who set up the petitions;

21) bought breakfast for a co-worker (our shop by work stopped selling the porridge we like so I went to a different shop to pick some up);

22) sorted out all of my old clothes and donated the ones I no longer wanted;

23) Let someone in front of me at the check out because they had less items than I did;

24) bought sweet treats into the office for everybody;

And last but by no means least, my favourite of all…

25) left pennies for wishes 

“Please help me celebrate my 25th birthday by making a wish. FREE WISHES!”

I think I will make this a birthday tradition, maybe not so much trying to hit the number of my age but definitely to incorporate an element of giving back. It’s kind of addicting, give it a go I’m sure you’ll see what I mean. 


Live the Life of your Dreams

How many times have you watched one of those reality shows like ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ or ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ and just thought uh I wish I lived like that?!

Playing grown ups as kids was always so fun and exciting. I can’t be the only one who couldn’t wait to grow up nor fathom why grown ups said it’s not all it’s cracked up to be – like, OK, Joanne being a grown up and buying all the clothes you want must really suck! Jeez.

Oh, hindsight you wonderful thing you, the grown up’s were right. Peter Pan hit the nail on the head when he warned us “don’t grow up, it’s a trap”. There is absolutely no way I am the only one who feels jibbed, we are adults and can’t buy all the clothes we want – what kind of sorcery is this?! Payday comes around and before we can even get to the shops trusty old bills have swooped in and taken their 99% cut!

I blame school. School is the crusher of all dreams. Life skills or whatever 1 hour per week class it is we are supposed to plan the rest of our lives in. Can you imagine the reaction of the teacher and the class if your life plan was anything other than go to university, get a good degree, get a good job in a good establishment and work your way up? That plan itself is fine if that’s what your goals are and it is possible to make a good living this way, provided you are happy to make sacrifices in pretty much every aspect of your life – time, relationships, finance, experiences to name a few major areas and lets not forget that the world of business and employement is mean, cut throat and tough – working 100 hours a week does not guarantee you anything, not a promotion, not long term security, nothing.

I wonder where our imaginations and dreams went.

Add in a few really confidence boosting philosophies like “people like us dont make it in that industry”, “you gotta spend money to make money” and “the rich get rich while the poor get poorer” its a wonder many of us (particularly those of us that werent blessed with wealthy parents) even remember what a dream is.

When my boyfriend, Chris randomly suggested a book for me to read I had no idea that it was going to reignite the fire for my dreams. Before even getting half way through, my way of thinking and outlook on life had completely altered.

Over the past two years I have continued to develop this new mindset along with strategies for success that we aren’t taught about in school. I can say with absolute confidence that I can and I will achieve my dreams. All of them. The life I desire will be mine.

I invite you on this journey with me. I will share with you every twist, turn, success and failure along the way. I want you to take them, learn from them, adapt them and use them to chase your dreams because it is within us all. Whatever we desire, we can obtain. It’s not going to be easy and sometimes you are going to find alot of what you read will go against everything you have been taught but percevere. Whats the worst that could happen? You read a few blogs, think they’ve come straight from a unicorns butt and go back to life as you knew it or they inspire an exciting, positive change in your life?