Fitsporations | who are they? 

Getting into the gym, you have to have a goal. I didn’t necessarily want to loose weight and I hated cardio. At the time, it was my view that they were the only reasons people went to the gym. When Chris suggested that I start weight lifting I think I pretty much laughed in his face! First of all, I was a total weakling and that sounded like a sure fire way of setting myself up for a huge embarrassment! Second of all, weights were for boys. I didnt want to lift weights like men nor get muscles them. To which Chris laughed in my face for saying and rightly so because this is what just had in mind:

Now dont get me wrong, I am not saying anything negative about the woman above, it’s just not for me. In fact, credit where credit is due – hats off to her for the hard work she has put in to achieve that. 

Precisely why Chris was laughing in my face for thinking I would look like that – the hard work that goes into achieving  such muscle gain is next level. 

Anyway, to give me a more realistic insight, Chris introduced me to Nikki Blacketter: 

Nikki Blackketter. @Blondevsworld

I began watching her youtube videos and began to not only understand but develop a hunger. I couldn’t wait to get going, my goals were finally starting to make sense and I now had some direction.

From following Nikki I then found some of my other inspirations:

Lydia E Millen @LydiaEmillen

Lydia was also my inspiration to start blogging. She has a fantastic blog which covers fitness, Lifestyle & fashion. 

Cath Bastien @cathbfitness

Cath also has a youtube channel which is heavily focused on her gym sessions. They give a different insight to some of the other ladies as her goal isn’t always you lift the heaviest weight she can. 

Amanda Bucci @AmandaBucciFit
Heidi Somers @BuffBunny

Above is Amanda Bucci & Heidi Somers. Both of their channels have a heavy gym focus but they are also very informative – like a personal trainer lite. 

Amanda also wrote a book, which I love. It’s called “The everything guide to macro tracking”.

Jessica Aravalo @JessicaAravalo

And this is Jessica Aravalo, the only woman to have walked the Olympia stage 4 times! She is killin’ it. 

What I love about these girls is that they are all helping to break the stereo type of the gym being a place reserved just for men – especially the weights section. They all have goals and work every day to achieving them. Most importantly of all though, they all support one another. Whether directly or indirectly. You will never see one of these girls tearing someone down. Quite the opposite actually, they help to build people up. 

They certainly helped get me into a gym and find my passion and I’ve never met any of them! 

I respect and admire these women. Everything these women stand for is exactly what Contour Allure is about. 

They inspired me and I created Contour Allure to inspire and empower you

In the words of another powerful female: Who run this mother*?! GIRLS! 


Christmas Came Early | Award Nomination

Beyond my wildest imagination. 

When I began to turn the dream of Contour Allure into a reality back in March, not in a million years did I envision it would be nominated for an award by December! It has been though, and I am completely overjoyed. 

The award is the UK Blog Awards who are searching for a #BlogHero within each of their categories.  Contour Allure is nominated in the Fitness category with plenty of other brilliant bloggers such as:

 Gym Lifestyle;

Lipstick & Trainers;

 Lottie Murphy; and

 Zanna Van Dijk!
Competition is fierce! 

The first stage of the competition went live on Monday and the positive response I’ve had from people is just overwhelming. It means so much to hear that others appreciate and value the vision of Contour Allure. 

A tweet from UK BLOG AWARDS actually confirmed that support was so high across the board that the site crashed and there were in excess of 24,000 votes placed on the first day! Go team !

This award isn’t about just winning an award. The recognition, in my eyes, will add another level of credibility to the vision. With that hopefully, providing another level of trust for the community being built herewith. 

By the nomination itself, I feel like Contour Allure has already won. 

Really, from the depths of my glutes to the bulge of my bicep, I want to thank everyone for the positive support and love for Contour Allure. It has been present and appreciated since day 1. 

If you would like to see this blog actually win the award though, you can go post your vote here!

Gym Girl Gift Guide 

It’s hard to know where to even begin with  this one, there are so many gym related gifts that would make perfect Christmas presents! 

As I’m sure many of you will find, as soon as December hits so do the “What do you want for Christmas” questions. 

Personally, I hate this question and usually tell people to buy themselves something instead but on the odd occasion I’m pushed for an answer the request is something for the gym. The usual response to this is being looked at as though I have 10 heads. It is baffling to me that people struggle with thinking of gym related gifts. 

Those of you who have been asked to buy such gifts and are clueless for ideas, fear no more – all you need to know is below. 

Those of you who want such gifts, make life easier for the purchasers and send them here for a little guidance and inspiration. I’m sure Santa will be glad of the help!

1) Gym Bag 

Especially for the busy girl who has to lug her gym kit around with her. Wait, even if she doesn’t have to lug it around with her, we are girls and most of us love an excuse for a new bag!

Hands down my favorite! Pick this up at:

2) Athletic WearQuestion: what’s the maximum number of yoga pants a girl can own? 

Answer: the limit does not exist!

Gym wear however, much like jewellery, can be very personal so to eer on the side of caution a voucher for a sports shop will do also. 

3) Straps

Wrist straps, leg straps – we aren’t fussy. there is a need for all. Even if she already has some we like options!

4) Wireless Headphones

Well if you don’t know now you know

These will be life changing. Wires getting in the way and finding somewhere comfortable for your phone while squatting is just not necessary more. 

In the words of pinochio and taken straight from Beats campaign: I got no strings!

5) Workout Diary 
Perfect for the gym newbie or the gym junkie. Nothing screams motivation more than seeing workouts ahead of time, tracking progression and seeing PB’S written down on pretty paper. 

6)  Fitness Tracker

If pen and paper isnt her thing, then a fitness tracker might be a good option. The benefit of many trackers is the ability to assess quality of sleep, distance travelled each day and monitor heart rate without even having to think about it!

Kate Spade’s wearable tech range is to die!

7) Water Bottle

These days a plastic evian bottle just isn’t going to cut it. With more option than you would ever think possible in a water bottle, from glass to BPA Free, may aswell make it a cute one. 

8) Supplement Bundles

Most girls these days are as mad on supplements as their male counterparts.If you are unsure in this department then a tasty pre-workout is a safe bet.
9) Underwear 

 Unfortunately, I’m not talking the pretty, lacy Victoria’s Secret style lingerie but more the seamless, breathable, really unattractive kind because let’s face it, VPL is just not a good look. Sweaty Betty does a fantastic range to help us ladies keep our dignity while squatting, lunging and the like!
10) Training Program/Personal Trainer

Training under the instruction of a coach is so very different to training alone or with friends. The benefits are tenfold and almost impossible to and achieve alone.  Purchasing training sessions or a professional program will propel progress. Search Urban Instinct Personal Training on Facebook and you could even win a fitbit2 with the purchase of a program! 

If that doesn’t provide you with a little bit of inspiration then I don’t know what will! Happy shopping…

Fighting Fit | 5 Tips to Kick The Christmas Cold 

​Welcome to December or as I prefer to call it, the 1st of Christmas. At this most wonderful time of year (clichéd I know but it’s true!) having a cold can really suck all the fun out of the spirit, making everything seems more like a chore. I know because it’s December 1st and I have a horrible cold!
And bah humbug there is no cure for the common cold. At least there are a couple of ways to fight back!

1. Switch to cardio.

When it comes to exercise you definitely don’t want to stop, giving in could mean harbouring a cold for even longer but you do want to put down those weights.  Yes, you read that correctly put down those weights and switch to a low impact, quick paced cardio session. Studies have shown that that by increasing the heart rate and keeping active creates a more positive response to dealing with symptoms. 

As a strong advocate of listening to your body, it’s difficult for me to suggest exercises and intensity. The only direction I can give is to listen to your body and do not put it under too much stress as risk of injury is heightened when we are a little under the weather.

2. Essential oil – Eucalyptus

The antiviral and decongestant properties of Eucalyptus oil are nothing short of a God sent MIRACLE! If you don’t believe me go put a few drops on your tissue or in a steam facial and you won’t even believe how quickly you feel like you can breathe again!

3. Hydrate – plenty of water and hot blackcurrants.

Hydration is everything. On a good day if we aren’t hydrated enough we definitely see and feel the effects. When we are ill maintaining hydration is that much more difficult but that bit more important to help fight the infections, to maintain temperature and not to mention our poor noses that turn redder than rudolph’s – and that’s even when you’ve been using basalt infused kleenex!

Hot blackcurrant because well if my nan gave it to me it must be beneficial right? Probably the same effect as chicken soup though!

4. Vitamins

Upping your vitamin intake may help to fight the effects and reduce the duration but if nothing else eating micronutrient rich foods will make you feel good rather than constantly stuffing down the comfort food. 

5. Moisturise

The classic tell tale sign of a cold will remain long after the infection has been banished if you don’t stay on top of your moisturising. The last thing you want is to look like you’re still sick when you’re better. Trust me. Even when it stings because it’s red raw, get the moisturiser on. Your skin will thank you! 

I know i said 5 tips but there’s one more that just cannot be ignored: REST! our bodies recover best when we are sleeping, which can be difficult when struggling to breathe so make sure you at least rest and relax when you can. 

Resting up with the puppy