The girl behind the blog – Missy.
Just after turning 23, I had taken to the idea of competing in a bikini competition. Having not set foot in a gym for at least 6 years, this was going to take some work!  The biggest and hardest issue that I had to overcome was the anxiety that choked me every time the thought of going to the gym entered my mind. Confidence is an area of my life that has always lacked, I’m much more of a shy, introvert; until I get comfortable with you that is and that’s exactly what I needed to do with the gym – get comfortable with it.
Going through this stage, I felt completely alone. Everyone I knew was brimming with confidence and on the internet I could only find information on people’s transformations with little to no reference being made to the bit in the middle. Every blog, Instagram, tweet, article I stumbled across seemed to regurgitate the same information ‘it’s going to be hard work’ and ‘focus on your diet’. Both pieces of information very true but what is the hard work? Were there any struggles or failures? What particularly about my diet needs to be focused on?
About the Blog – Contour Allure
The informmation that faced me when I was looking for guidance and support just seemed too much and it was overwhelming trying to take everything in and apply  it all at the same time, especially given that there was so much conflicting information.
It was clear to me that there needed to be a place that people could discuss their journey, irrespective of where they were up to and which direction they were going.  Enter Contour Allure.

Contour Allure is a place to build knowlege and confidence building. At Contour Allure we empower, encourage and support one another.

 With that being said,  I invite you to share my own personal journey from fitness phobe to gym addict. The journey started a little over a year ago and there is still along way to go. Success comes with failure and all will be shared. Everything that you will see throughout this site will be 100% real.